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About our service

Hwcenter.ru is a professional service that solves the problems of customers in the field of electronic device development. Our main specialization is industrial electronics (sensors, measuring transducer, flow meters, PLC), control and monitoring systems, IoT. We perform the development in the best possible way — we solve the problem with the minimum possible costs and in the shortest possible time. Hwcenter.ru provide the following services:

Hardware development


Hardware development: circuit design, signal integrity, PCB topology, EMC, preparation of design documentation for production. We use MCU ARM Cortex, ADC/DAC, MEMS, RS485, 4-20ma, LVDS.

Firmware development


Firmware development: firmware for MCU and FPGA. We use C/C++, Verilog, VHDL, Linux, RTOS or bare-metal, USB, HART, Modbus, DSP.

testing and prototyping


Prototyping, commissioning, production of prototypes, testing and debugging. Small-scale production, production support. Development of test and configuration programs for PC. We use Qt, Python, WPF.

management and counseling


Consultation of the customer, development of technical requirements, analysis and research, creation of terms of reference, project management.

Why we?

  • professional quality services from an experienced development team.
  • a personal approach - every customer is important for the our service.
  • payment only for a quality result, completed on time, and not for a beautiful office and chatty managers in expensive suits.
  • official, but flexible workflow and simple methods of payment.
  • reliability - we work according to the contract, we value our reputation and always get work done.
  • technical support - we do not leave our customers after the process is completed and are always ready to help.
  • adequate deadlines and rates for work (our service carries out projects for a minimum period of 2 months and cost from 4500 $, this is not an offer).

Our projects


Thank you for your help in updating the automation system of our factory. With the help of the device developed by you, it was possible to simplify the process of transition to a new PLC model.
Zharkov V.A.
deputy chief
Quickly and accurately implemented for us a monitoring system of our objects. We will contact you in the future.
Ivan Nikolaevich
site manager
The competent development team without any problems conducted us through the process of developing electronics for our vending machine.
Arthur Lvovich
I want to note the professionalism and correctness of specialists in the process of resolving issues on our project of development of a dosimeter.

How we work?


It all starts with your idea and contact the hardware developer center via email, whatsapp, viber or phone. At this stage, we collect requirements for the future product and conclude a development contract. After this, the stage of development begins after which you receive a working sample of the product and a set of documentation for its production in any modern manufacture. The development service supports the production of the device in series, and also enhances it, if necessary.



Accepts requests or emails in English

We are located in Russia, Samara city.

Working hours 10-00 - 18-00 (UTC+4, MON-FRI).